Six quick tips for lawn care


Last updated June 2014
Keeping a lawn looking good year after year is a constant challenge, mainly because of our need for a green carpet, which can only be achieved by cutting.

To maximise growing conditions, provide the lawn grass plants with an ideal environment of full sun and a soil which isn’t too compacted so it drains well but retains moisture for the roots.

Apart from meeting these conditions, tips for maintaining a good-looking lawn are:

  1. Cut little and often (twice a week in the growing season).
  2. Don’t cut too short (leave a minimum of 1 inch).
  3. Don’t mow if the soil is very wet. You’ll compact the ground by walking to and fro, and with the mower if it’s a heavy machine.
  4. Feed the lawn every spring.
  5. If it rains a lot, feed again in summer.
  6. Trim the grass in winter if mild weather starts it into growth.

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