Jodrell Bank (a Cheshire Garden of Distinction)


Jodrell Bank Arboretum, Macclesfield, Cheshire, SK11 9DL

Tel: 01477 571339 or see Jodrell’s website

The grounds next to this world-famous Lovell space telescope have long been an arboretum with national collections of Malus (ornamental apple tree relatives) andSorbus (mountain ashes and whitebeams) amongst the many trees and shrubs. These, along with rhododendrons, make a colourful spring and summer display. There are wildlife ponds (one complete with bird hide) and broad grassy rides (soggy after rain) through the 35 acres of woods and shrubberies for children to let off steam. They should also enjoy the new adventure playground here.

For children and adults, the Planet Pavilion and Space Pavilion offer displays, exhibitions and plenty of hands-on activities, with the whispering dishes just outside too.

Facilities include a cafe, picnic area, gift shop, toilets.

NB Radio silent zone – electronic devices, including mobile phones, should be turned off or switched to flight safe mode.  This is to avoid interference with the observations being carried out by the telescope.


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