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Last updated Jan 2018

Garden and plant gift ideas for any time of year
Outdoor gardens and gardening gift ideas
Subscriptions and other online gift ideas
For reference – gift ideas
Indoor gardening gift ideassco

Garden and plant gift ideas for any time of year

Need to buy a gift for a special occasion, a thank you, a birthday or Christmas?

Fortunately there is a huge range of garden and plant ideas for gardeners and non-gardeners alike, starting at pocket-money prices so even children can find something affordable.

Apart from the range of choice and price, there are also items that are lightweight, compact and likely to survive the post, which solves the problem of what to buy when you’ve got to mail it, either within the country or abroad.

Even easier is that you can buy most of these items on line.

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Outdoor gardens and gardening gift ideas

Even if the recipient isn’t into gardening, there are plenty of ornamental and practical gifts to suit the most awkward of people to buy for.

Here are just a few ideas we’ve come up with in the past, and we’ll add to them as we come across new ones. So, in no particular order:

  • A seed or plant catalogue or online link, plus a voucher from the same company.
  • National Garden Gift vouchers – widely accepted, and available from garden centres and nurseries too. But be warned that they have an expiry date.
  • A packet of seeds
  • Gardening gloves – lightweight or heavy-duty thornproof, but make sure you avoid leather ones if the recipient is vegan
  • Multi-purpose secateurs to cut the usual things plus those you usually shouldn’t, such as string and wire.
  • A garden plant – ornamental or to produce edible fruit – those in containers can be planted at any time.
  • Ornamental planters and pots
  • Solar-powered lighting
  • An ornamental outdoor thermometer
  • An ornamental outdoor clock
  • A sundial – either wall-mounted or on a plinth
  • A max-min thermometer to find out how hot it is in on a sunny day, and how cold it is at night.
  • A weather station monitor
  • A weather vane
  • A bird bath
  • A bird table
  • A bird feeder kit
  • Bird food
  • Garden furniture covers – for every item you can think of, plus washing lines, to keep them clean and dry.
  • A car boot liner – for anyone taking stuff to the tip, tools to the allotment or plants home from the garden centre.
  • Garden tidy bag – durable woven polyethylene bags that stand upright for use and pack away flat.
  • A compost bin
  • Lawn games – bowls, croquet and more
  • A pergola
  • A parasol
  • A selection of garden ties and twine.

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Subscriptions and other online gift ideas

These are the ultimate when it comes to saving on postage and wrapping paper. Just organise a subscription and everything is sent to the person’s home on your behalf. Simple.

  • Magazines – for general gardening and specialist topics, weekly, monthly, bimonthly or quarterly. Look at the titles from Magazine Subscriptions.
  • Membership – of societies and associations, often with benefits of newsletters or magazines, advice, discounts on show and garden entry fees. For example, Give a Royal Horticultural Society membership (either a gift membership or pay for them to join themselves, as there are often discounted deals with this method). For other ideas look at our page of associations.
  • Charity gifts – great when buying for those that have everything. Spend your money on essentials (tool kits, livestock, plants etc) that go to someone in need and your friend or relative gets a card to show what’s been bought.Present Aid is run by Christian Aid; Oxfam’s Online Shop includes their Unwrapped service.

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For reference – gift ideas

Everyone needs to look up information at some time or another, so browse the possibilities below:

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Indoor gardening gift ideas

  • A houseplant – huge choice of plants from garden centres, High St shops, florists and online to suit all homes and decors.
  • A pot cover> – an ornamental pot to hide the boring brown plastic one.
  • Indoor fountain – very soothing, with a wide range of sizes, styles and prices.
  • A picture-style aquarium – also known as a Living Picture. A clever design of very thin aquaria on hang on a wall, framed to look like a picture. Fish optional!
  • Conservatory plants.
  • Conservatory accessories – practical and ornamental items such as mini watering cans. Look for items in online catalogues for greenhouse and conservatory growing.
  • Not exactly gardening, but definitely gardening-related, are photo-based gifts such as prints, posters, jigsaws, packs of greetings cards, calendars with your choice of start month, or even mugs, using your own or another’s photographs.

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